Featured image for 🏷Selling Price and Regular Price

We knew that many of you were waiting for this update. This update includes:

🏷 Selling Price and Regular Price

- Setting up a Regular Price option in your product add/edit

- 'Regular Price' will be strikeout and 'Selling Price' will be used as a final price. [Ex. 1000$ 899$]

Category and Product Sorting

You can now arrange your category and product order without any issues.

🌠 Image Optimisations

Your images on Biz Page and Store are now fully optimized to give you a blazing-fast experience.

Let us know what do you think about this update. 😌

Note: For now, these features are released on Web AdminPanel [https://my.whatshash.com] only. We are rolling out these features on the Mobile App soon.

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